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   Proposed photo history book of the 145th CAB in Vietnam






                     Story of the 145th Combat Aviation Battalion “First in Vietnam” 

                       “The Old Warriors”  and their base and training faculties today


Never before complete history of the 145th CAB –   units, name & base changes  

Photos, Organizational charts, History of attached units and Detachments

Why they were called   “First in Vietnam”

Full color & B&W photos of unit area and compounds

Full color photos of unit aircraft nose art and tail designation – most never published before

List of all know unit aircraft – BURO numbers

Illustrations of types of Helicopters and fixed wing aircraft flown

Unit names and base locations – flight line photos

List of Medal of Honor recipicants with stories

List of KIA

Photos of the 145th Old Warriors at Ft Rucker today and training facilities

2013 - 145th CAB Gunship training facility adapts the 68th Top Tiger Mustang logo for training


Proposed Photos







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