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   Proposed photo history book of the 68th Assault Helicopter Company in Vietnam





1.     68th Assault Helicopter Company   “The Top Tigers”  Vietnam Helicopters 1965-71


Never before published history of the 68th Assault Helicopter Company 1965-71
   History of unit inception 1965  to the unit being disbanded in country Dec 31, 1970

Photos, unit charts, history, detachments, and Chain of Command     

Why called the “Top Tigers” and “Every Man a Tiger”
      why called Top Tigers, “History of professionalism”

Famous unit members -  Maj Honeycutt, WO Fricke, Sp-4 James Ribgy

History of first Commanding Officer and unit leaders –
     BG Weldon Honeycutt – Commander of Hamburger Hill

Full color photos of unit area and living areas

Full color photos of unit aircraft nose art and ship names

Color photo of only nude nose art authorized in country Vietnam – by Hawk 6 himself

List of all know unit aircraft – BURO numbers

List of known unit members –

List of and location of (4 know) 68th AHC Top Tiger & Mustang Unit Helicopters on display
   in the USA.  UH-1C,  66-00654 @ LV-Battlefield Museum;  UH-1C, 66-15069 @ Warhawk
   Air Museum in Nampa, Idaho; UH-1C, 66-15185 @ Waterloo Airport in Waterloo, Iowa;
   UH-1D, 68-15543 @ American Legion Post #139, Milford, PA







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