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   October  2014

 68th Assault Helicopter Company Association

2014 Reunion - After Action Report                     

Greetings Top Tigers,

Charleston turned out to be a very good place for a reunion. There was much to see and do in the area, which abounds with southern charm and history dating back to the early days when our country was formed. Members had the chance to visit Historic Downtown Charleston, tour one of the many plantations in the area, and let us not forget the site of the beginning of the Civil War when the first shots were fired on Ft. Sumter. Patriot’s Point was a major attraction where you could walk in the footsteps of the men that served on the USS Yorktown, destroyer Laffey, and a vintage WWII submarine. Many of the members also took time to enjoy the southern cuisine at several of the restaurants in the area.

There were 46 members that attended the reunion, including several first time reunion goers. As we have seen in the past few reunions some members had to cancel their reunion plans just prior to the reunion, due to either personal or family health issues. Let’s face it Tigers, we are all getting older and our health becomes a major factor in what we are able to do.

The Saturday banquet was again a highlight of the reunion, which was attended by 84 members and guests. The Citadel Honor Guard presented the Colors at the beginning of the banquet, followed by Howard Smith conducting the Missing Man Ceremony, which ended with a Citadel Cadet playing Taps. This was perhaps the most moving opening ceremony we have had at any of our reunions, many of the attendees were in tears at the conclusion of Taps.

After dinner Ron Sheffield presented a tribute to Dave Green and Geoff “GR” Webster for all the hard work they have done for the website, the association, and the Tiger Fund.

It was great to again see former CO (Ret. Col) Dick Daum and his wife Mary who were able to attend the Saturday banquet. Frans VandenBroek capped off the evening with a moving speech about Vietnam Veterans and why we should be proud of our service to our country.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all the members of the association’s executive board for their help during the planning and execution of this year’s reunion, Sandy Noyes, Kevin Brooks, Gary Drackett, Lee Daniels, and Jack Turbeville. Planning a reunion is not an easy task, and it takes the work of all involved to make it a success. However, without the members it cannot be a successful reunion.

Thanks to all those who attended and we hope to see you again in 2016.

  Business Meeting

This year the business meeting was conducted on Friday evening, September 27, 2014, at 8:30 PM. There were 41 members in attendance at the meeting.

Officers & Board Members – Nominations were made for the positions of Association Officers and Board Members. The following people were elected to serve the next two years. Dave Holloway – President; Sandy Noyes – Vice-President/Secretary; Kevin Brooks – Treasurer; Gary Drackett, Lee Daniels, and Jack Turbeville – Board Members;

RJ Smith was elected as Reunion Point of Contact Person and will serve as a Board Member.

Tiger Fund – Frans VandenBroek reported that the Tiger Fund has assisted a total of 14 members since it was established in 2004. The fund is in good financial status and we have to urge members, who need the help to attend reunions, to make use of the fund.

2016 Reunion Location – Several cities were offered up as possible locations for the 2016 Reunion, Columbus, GA; Louisville, KY; New Orleans, LA; Pensacola, FL; and Boise, ID. By an overwhelming vote Boise, ID was selected as the site for our 2016 Reunion. Why Boise? Many of the members felt it was time for another reunion out west, since we were last there in 2006 when we had our reunion in Las Vegas. Another good reason for going to Boise is the Warhawk Air Museum which has on display UH-1C #66-15069, a gunship assigned to the 68th in 1970.

Financial Status – After the 2012 Reunion the association checking account balance was $8642.96. During the planning process for the 2014 Reunion the board decided to reduce registration and banquet cost in an effort to make the reunion as affordable as possible and not sacrifice the quality of the reunion. In doing so, we knew it would reduce our balance. At the business meeting I reported an anticipated balance between $7800.00 and $7900.00, once all the bills were paid. All the reunion bills have now been paid and I am happy to report that the current balance is $8471.28.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM.

May God bless you, your family, and all those who serve this great country in which we live. I look forward to seeing everyone in Boise in 2016.



Dave Holloway

President, 68th AHC Assn.

Tog Tiger 49 & Mustang 26