68th AHC Unit Challenge Coins

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The coins are 2 inches across and weigh approximately
1.5 oz   each.




The Coin

As webmaster I have worked with other Top Tiger unit members to design a Unit Challenge Coin for the 68th AHC.  This coin was designed to be a collectors item to foster esprit de corps  /unit pride.  The design was to incorporate images that would honor all the men who served in the 68th AHC and all of it's Detachments.

The Front of the Coin

The front of the coin has an image of the unit crest with a more enhanced graphic design of the Tiger in the center.  The enhanced Tiger came from the nose art on the 68th AHC ships after there move to Binh Hoa in 1966.  There is a Vietnam Service Medal above the Tiger Unit Patch to show that our unit served in Vietnam.

The outside ring has two inscriptions, the top indicated in bold print the unit name, 68th Assault Helicopter Company and the bottom the years of service 1965-1970.  The unit was decommissioned on Dec. 31, 1970.  The 68th name was later used by another Vietnam helicopter unit.

The Back of the Coin

The back of the coin has the images of two UH-1 helicopters.  The lower ship is a UH-1 slick ship approaching a LZ in the Vietnam jungle.  The approach just above the palm trees and nipple palm with the unit guardians, a UH-1C Mustang gun ship circling above.

The outer ring with black background to enhance the lettering.  At the top is Top Tigers and Mustangs and around the helos is the support units ( 391st Maintenance Detachment, 282nd Signal Detachment, & 430th Medical Detachment).

How Can I get my Unit Coin

Coins are  $10.00 each + shipping and packaging.
Pins are $4.25 + shipping and packaging.
Coins and Pins shipping and packaging cost are combined in chart below.

Unit Crest Pins may be ordered and shipped with coins.

Shipping is based on the number of Coins and or Pins Ordered.  Shipping is kept to a minimum but is always a guess due to weight differences of packaging.  The shipping cost includes cost of envelopes, labels, bubble wrap, and postage.  Items will be shipped 1st Class US Postage.

   You may request Priority Shipping and the will be shipped in a Priority Flat Rate Box
   for $6.00 regardless of the number of coins and pin ordered.  Some orders due to weight are shipped in Flat Rate Boxes only.

Cost of shipping Coins & Pins

 Cost of Items with Shipping
or combination of items
$10.00 1 coin $3.25 $13.25
20.00 2 coins 3.80 $23.80
30.00 3 coins 4.45 $34.45
40.00 4 coins 6.00  flat rate box   Priority Mail $46.00
4.25 1 pin 3.00 $7.25
8.50 2 pins 3.50 $12.00
12.75 3 pins 4.00 $16.75
17.00 4 pins 4.50 $21.50
14.25 1 coin & 1 pin 4.00 $18.25
18.50 1 coin & 2 pin 4.50 $23.00
28.50 2 coins & 2 pins 6.00  flat rate box   Priority Mail $34.50
32.75 2 coins & 3 pins 6.00  flat rate box   Priority Mail $38.75
$42.75 3 coins & 3 pins 6.00  flat rate box   Priority Mail $48.75
$52.75 4 coins & 3 pins 6.00  flat rate box   Priority Mail $58.75
$57.00 4 coins & 4 pins 6.00  flat rate box   Priority Mail $63.00
$67.00 5 coins & 4 pins 6.00  flat rate box   Priority Mail $73.00
$71.25 5 coins & 5 pins 6.00  flat rate box   Priority Mail $77.25

Due to postal rates and cost of packaging I will keep cost to a minimum but this chart may change as postage or shipping materials increase.

Contact Frans VandenBroek at frans@68thahc.com about exact pricing including shipping..

Payment may be made by personal check or money orders:

Contact me about reserving for Coins and Pins, we have ordered only 300 coins and 250 pins.

About the Coin


Each coin is in Antique Gold Finish (no not real gold), it is 2 inches across, and weighs approximately 1.5 oz. or a little more.  It was ordered large to enable the coin front to show the sharp design of the Unit Tiger. 

Coins may be ordered separately or in numbers larger than one, many will want two to be able to display the front with the unit crest and the back with the units and detachments.

One half of all profits from the coins & pins will go to each of two organizations which support the 68th unit members and reunions.  Half of all profits will go to the 68th Tiger Fund and the other half will go to the newly formed 68th AHC Association.


Webmasters contact information:

Dennis  Patterson  webmaster@68thahc.com



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