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Richard Bladl

Top Tiger Unit Supply Sgt.


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Arrived in unit:    Oct 1967 -  SSG - E6

Departed unit:     Sept. 1968  -  SSG

Duties in unit:   Unit Supply Sergeant

Other Assignments:   I was the NCO club manager for 7 months.  I also used to fly as crew chief/door gunner on perimeter flights and special ops to give the regular guys some time offI entered Basic on July 31, 1963 at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  I was crew chief on an OH-13 in Germany before going to Viet Nam .  My 2nd tour was at Vung Tau with the 73rd Surv. Airplane Co with Col. French as commander.  I put in over 8 years and received an honorable discharge while stationed at Camp (Fort) McCoy as Post Supply Sergeant

Training:  I was trained in OH-13 maintenance at Fort Eustis , VA.   My second MOS was unit supply.

Retired Army:   Sept 22 1970 ,  SSG - E6



Current Residence:   Wenatchee , WA .

Occupation:   I spent 20 years enjoying computer systems design, programming and management.  I was manager of data processing at Harold’s Club, Reno for 6 years, then moved to Merced , California for a year.  I ended up at Chelan County Washington before retiring from the computer field.

The last 7 years I was 911 dispatcher for the county and took a disability retirement July 2004 due to back injuries received while at the 68th.  I was also a 1st class reserve deputy sheriff in Chelan and Douglas Counties , Washington

Family:  I have been married over 34 years to Susanna and we have 5 children, 2 hers, 3 mine from previous marriages.  We have 7 grandchildren.

Hobbies:  I enjoy woodworking and tinkering in my shop.

Remarks:  I roomed with SFC Falcon and remember 1st Sgt, Broom, Maj. Daum and a few others.  I would like to hear from anyone I served with

Email:   Last update Oct. 2004

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