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Claude R. Carman

Crew Chief











Arrived in unit:    Nov 1965  -  PVT

Departed unit:     Nov 1966  -  Sp-4

Duties in unit:  Crew Chief on Alley Cat Platoon ship #64-13794

Other Assignments:   Insertions and extractions of combat troops, long range recon patrols, resupply of outpost base camps, WIA / KIA extractions, pickup of Navy pilots at sea for Sea Wolves flight training to provide Seal team support, TDY duty to Phu-Cat / Bong Song for multiple company combat operation, 197th Gangbuster platoon special task force assigned Psy- War ship with side mounted loudspeakers for small village raids, 197th / 334th Playboy gunship platoon, L Z pre-strikes, continued air support, convoy escorts, firefight support, daytime river patrol, and dusk to dawn Lightning Bug / Firefly missions.

Basic at Fort Knox Ky, Helicopter Maintenance Mos 67N20 Ft. Rucker AL. NCO School Ft. Benning Ga., Hunter Army Airfield Savannah Ga.

Retired EOS:  



Current Residence:   Troy, PA

Occupation:  Retired from DuPont Co. after 37 years / Sr. Buyer Sourcing

  Wife Beth 37 years, Two daughters, one son, two grandchildren

Hobbies:  Hunting (deer - bear - turkey) , traveling, golf, building, landscaping, and fixing things

Remarks:  I feel very fortunate and blessed to have made it thru my tour in Nam after multiple close calls. I have the highest regard for all support maintenance and gunners who also helped keep our choppers in the air. I flew with several talented pilots who saved our bacon several times which included engine failure leaving the Bu-Dop area near Cambodia. We autorotated in with no additional damage. Thanks to the 391st depot maintenance that brought me a couple mechanics, new engine, and deck hoist the next day. With Special Forces perimeter support we installed the new turbine engine in the field and the maintenance pilot and I flew it back to base at Bien Hoa. Would like to hear from the pilots or anybody involved so I could personally thank them again.

Email:      Last update Aug. 2010

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