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Stanley Christian - Pilot  

Top Tiger 5 - Mustang 6 - Operations Officer

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Arrived in unit:  Mar.  27,  1968  -  1LT

Departed unit:   Mar. 1969  -  Capt.

Duties in unit:  Helicopter pilot, Aircraft Commander and platoon leader, 
Gun platoon

Other Assignments:  Specialized training, Infantry, Airborne, Ranger, Special Warfare, Rotary Wing Aircraft.  Multiple combat tours in Vietnam.  FRG, Germany.

Training:  Infantry Unit Commander 1542 at Ft Benning, GA.

DOS Army:  I left the Army in August 1974 due to medical problems, diabetes, hypertension and heart conditions.  It was one of the saddest days of my life.


Current Residence:   Eufaula, OK 

Occupation:   Special consultant and independent businessman.

Family:   Wife Diana, daughters Casey Dawn, Valerie Ann, Candice Rene, son Joseph David

Hobbies:   Riding my Harley, golf, fishing, hanging with friends.


Email:       last update Jan 2005


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Note from the web master:                                

Fellow Top Tiger needs help                                  National Transplant Foundation

Ex-Captain Stan Christian, leader of the 68th AHC Mustang Gun platoon in 1968/69 needs help.  Stan’s only son, Joe fell from a boat and the propeller nearly severed his right arm and left hand.  Joe (20) lost the use of the arm and can barely move two fingers in his left hand.  He has undergone 9 operations so far, with limited success.  As a last resort, doctors in New Jersey are willing to attempt a nerve transplant from Joe’s mother.  The procedure is long, dangerous and costs $150,000.  Since the accident happened between Joe’s attendance in college and his scheduled reporting for active duty in the Army, Joe had no insurance coverage.  And Stan’s home state, Oklahoma, will not help pay for a New Jersey procedure.

Stan has mortgaged his house, depleted his savings and sold his toys to cover Joe’s medical expenses, but more funds are needed.  A foundation has been created and anyone wishing to contribute can do so at under the name “Joseph Christian”.  All donations are tax deductible.  For those who don’t know, Stan served his country in multiple tours in Vietnam, one of which was with the 68th AHC.  He has earned numerous commendations including a Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts and several others.  He left the service in 1974 for medical reasons.  Please help this deserving family in their time of need.

Frans “Van” VandenBroek
Crewchief, 68th AHC, 1968/69

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