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Bob Crain - Pilot  

Smokey and Tiger Lead 




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Arrived in unit:   June 1968 – WO-1

Departed unit:    June 1969 - WO-1

Duties in unit:   Pilot – Top Tiger 39 - Flew lots of Smokey and Tiger Lead

Other Assignments:   Ft. Wolters, TX; Tac Officer 2nd WOC

Training:    Warrant Officer Rotary Wing School, Class 68-5

DOS Army:  June 1971


Current Residence:   Granbury, TX

Occupation:   MBA Texas Christian University. Retired Corporate Executive. Currently Self Employed.  Develop and operate Internet based e-commerce businesses. Webmaster of site.

Family:  Married to Marie Capote since October, 1969. Two grown children, Rachel and Candice. Several Top Tigers (Russ Bowers, Kurt Kludt (My Best Man), Ron Howard, and one wild Mustang (Charlie Campbell) were groomsmen in our wedding. See Pics.

Hobbies:  Sailing, Fishing

Remarks: Not long after my Top Tigers wedding in ’69 I lost touch with my 68th buddies. Charlie went back to Nam. Russ moved to upstate NY. To this day I don’t know what happened to the others. Things changed in ’98. That’s when Stan Christian hosted our first Reunion and after close to 30 years I found Dai Huy Gooch and Dai Huy Webster! Soon after I decided to develop a Top Tigers web site in hopes it would eventually find all Top Tigers who wanted to be found. As a result, at the 2000 Reunion I found Charlie Campbell, my favorite Mustang. In Reunion ’02 I found Russ Bowers, my favorite roomy; Jimmy Bohon, my favorite AC; and Lou “The Whiz” Whisonant, my favorite Peter Pilot. Unfortunately, Kludt and Howard are still not found. I look forward to the day they pop up in the Top Tigers Roll Call so we can finally catch up on old memories and new dreams. I look forward to meeting many more Top Tigers and Mustangs at the Reunions to come.

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 Main Page  Unit (History) Reports | List of Unit Members |
|  Members Biographies |  List of Contributors to this website |