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Douglas S. Decker - Pilot

Top Tiger 19



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Arrived in unit:   Dec. 1967 -  WO-1

Departed unit:    Dec. 1968  - CWO

Duties in unit:  Pilot, lift platoons, Smokey.  Pilot, lift platoons, Lead or Trail, Smokey AC.  Call sign: Top Tiger 19.  Also, flight assignments for the first platoon, evening aircraft ready check.

Other Assignments:  Vietnam (second tour, 1970):  128th AHC Tomahawks; 71st AHC-IP & safety, Rattler 44 & Firebird 98, LamSon 719 action & much later, unit stand-down; 74th AHC, Shark 4 gun AC until stand-down; 101st Div B/101 Avn. Bn. Lancers, IP, maintenance support during another stand-down, Germany :  3.5 years in Frankfurt as IP & Safety next to 3d Armored Div HQ. Korea : 17th Aviation Group Safety Officer. Stateside: Ft. Lewis , B/9 Avn. 3rd Platoon Leader for a major Black Hawk ďArmy Field TestĒ.  Two tours in the 54th Avn. Med. Det. (Dust Off) at Ft. Lewis and IP in D Troop 3/5th Air Cav 9th Infantry Div flying scouts.

Training:  Rotary wing pilot, Ft. Wolters & Ft. Rucker

DOS Army:  June 1986.  After 20 years, I retired a CWO-4 at Ft. Lewis , WA.


Current Residence:    Steilacoom , WA .      Steilacoom is the oldest town north of the Columbia River .  Several class mates and retired military live here.

Occupation:  Varied and interesting.  I am near civil retirement as well.

Family:  I married my high school sweetheart and we have two adult children.

Hobbies:  I am involved in the menís Ministry at church & am also an usher/coordinator for 6 services at 2 campuses.  I like to fire weapons and enjoy life; every day is wonderful and precious. I am the secretary for the WA Chapter VHPA:

Remarks:  I spend too much time at my computer, so drop me a line.  I will find my photos from the 68th and send them in.  


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