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Robert Godar  - Pilot
Top Tiger



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Arrived in unit:   May  1970 1stLt

Departed unit:    Aug.  1970 - CPT

Duties in unit:    Pilot, Platoon Leader

Other Assignments:   

Training:    New Jersey basic /AIT 67', Ft. Benning, Infantry OCS, Ft. Walters, flight school class 69 - 23/24, Ft Stewart, GA, Flight school, Ft. Knox - Infantry Platoon leader, 68th AHC - platoon leader - ft. Ord, BCT CO 1972.

DOS Army:  


Current Residence:   Big Lake, MN

Occupation:   In 1977 I started a company that specialized in Hospital liquidations, and we're doing the same thing today.

Family:   Wife Vicki, sons Michael (37), David (24), Danny (21), daughter Melissa (35) - 4 grandchildren

Hobbies:  Golf, motorcycles (have '01 Harley heritage springer & and several antiques, including a 1947 Indian Chief).

Remarks:  Although I had over five years active duty in the Army, I only served 4 months with the Top Tigers. On July 27, 1970 I was lead ship in a "V of 3". My chalk 2 was flying overlapping blades, but tipped his blade down and we had a rotor mesh at 1500ft AGL. Although I was the platoon leader, I was flying right seat. I don't remember who the WO pilot was with me that day, but he did a superb job of auto rotating us to a hard landing, and we all survived. If he reads this, I hope he contacts me, so I can thank him again. We had just refueled and the hard landing pushed the skids up to puncture one of the fuel bladders. In my hurry to exit the ship I caught my foot under one of the anti-torque pedals and tore the cartilage in my right knee. In those days you were medevaced home if a sustained injury took more than 30 days to heal. I was medevaced back to Ft. Riley where they removed the medial meniscus cartilage. A few years later they did open endoscopic surgery to repair the cartilage and the recovery time is only a week or so. Also, I'm betting that I'm the only helicopter pilot who has never set foot on Ft. Rucker. 2nd part of my flight school was at Ft. Stewart, and I never had the opportunity to visit Rucker

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