George C. Manly - Pilot  

Top Tiger - Smokey - Mustang






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Arrived in unit:   July 1968, WO1

Departed unit:    July 1969,  CW2

Duties in unit:    Pilot (1st Lift, Smokey, Mustangs)

Other Assignments:
   Ft Bliss - Basic; Viet Nam - 1st Inf. Div; Ft Wolters - Class 68-5; Viet Nam - 68th AHC; Hunter AAF - IP; Commissioned; Viet Nam - 240th AHC ( Oct  71- Mar 1972 - Guns/ PLT LDR)- Maddogs; Ft Bragg - 119th AHC; Ft Gordon - Adv Course; Ft Knox - Command B 18/5; Germany - Command 187th ATC; Ft Carson - 4th AVN Br/XO Attack Co./ Dep G-5/ Retired.

Flight school, Ft Wolters, TX .

DOS Army:   May 1987  Major


Current Residence:   Midland, TX


  Kay Linn - 2 Daughters Monica and Melanie; 2 Granddaughters Laikin and Emily

Hobbies:  Golf and Riding Motorcycle

Remarks:  Fondest memories are being in the 68th and the people I had the pleasure to be with.  Never again did I enjoy being with a more professional organization.  Friendships made during my tour with the 68th have lasted and stood the test of time.  The examples of leadership that I observed,  I attempted to incorporate in my terms of command and later in staff positions for which I was selected.

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