Dale Bruce Marcy  - Crew Chief 

Slick   # 069  


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Arrived in unit:  Oct. 1967  -  PFC

Departed unit:   Sep. 1968   -  Sp-4

Duties in unit:  Night flight line maintenance crew , Crew Chief of  # 069

Other Assignments:   Hunter Army Airfield after 68th, Sp-5

Training:  67N20 Huey school Ft Rucker, Al.

DOS Army:  Apr. 1970



Current Residence:  Lakeside, Oregon

Occupation:  Material control and maintenance planner.  Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist for the State of Oregon, 1987 to 2000, Retired.

Family:  My wife Suzie, is an angel.  We have two children, 5 grandchildren,  2 great grand children.

Hobbies:  Fishing, gardening, church, shooting, coffee with the 'boys', relaxing in the woods.

Remarks:  My heartfelt thanks to all in the 68th AHC who helped during my battle with the government.   They finally realized how weak their case was and gave up.  You where my hero's in 67-68 and you still are today!

Email:  sbmarcy@charter.net

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