Larry McAdow - Crew Chief 

Top Tigers







Arrived in unit:  Oct 1969 - Sp-4

Departed unit:   Early 1971 - Sp-5  (the 68th stood down and was turned over to the VNAF)

Duties in unit:  Chief of the engine shop.  I extended in October 1970 and replaced Gary Allison as CE of Tiger Tail.

Other Assignments:  April 1969: Basic training, Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri, Turbine engine school, Ft Eustis, Virginia.  February 1971: 117th AHC, CE of a lightship and a "Special Missions" ship.  May 1971:  Ft McClellan, Alabama.

Training:  1969: Turbine engine school, Ft Eustis, Virginia.

DOS Army:  Dec 23, 1971, Sp5 (Early out when Nixon reduced the Army size)



Current Residence:  Halstead, Kansas

Occupation:  Equipment engineer for Boeing Aircraft.

Family:  I married Naomi Hunter who was a WAC at Fort McClellan, Alabama in 1971.  I have a son and a daughter. My son was a helicopter Crew Chief with the 160th, which was a special missions “Dark unit".   I have 2 granddaughters and 2 grandsons.

Hobbies:  For 30 years my hobbies have been goose hunting and teaching Hunter Education in Kansas.  In was named the Winchester International Hunter Education Instructor of the Year for 2003, the highest honor that can be given in Hunter Education.  I was chosen from 70,000 instructors from the US, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and New Zealand..

Remarks:  I was the last Crew Chief on Tiger Tail prior to turning it over to the Vietnamese in early 1971. I had the nose cover off Tiger Tail shipped home but never received it. Guess it got "censored" by the mail.  


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