Philip Moore - Pilot  

Top Tiger 29


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Arrived in unit:   June 1969, WO1

Departed unit:    June 1970, CWO 2

Duties in unit:    Slick AC, Flight Lead, Public Information Officer

Other Assignments:   Basic at Ft Polk, LA; Primary at Ft Wolters, TX; Advanced at Hunter AAF; After VN, returned to Hunter as a Maintenance Test Pilot.  Picked up fixed wing rating in the afternoons, crop dusting on weekends.

Training:   Flight school, Ft Wolters, TX .

DOS Army:   Jun 1, 1971 (Early out after 2 yrs, 11 months, 22 days) CWO 2.



Current Residence:   Lake Placid, FL

Occupation:   I attended Embry-Riddle and graduated in Dec 1973.  I sprayed cotton in the summer, taught flying in the winter, became a corporate pilot for two years, then joined American Airlines in 1976.  I am a captain for AA arriving there through the buyout of TWA.  I tried the Army Reserves for two years but it took too much time and I didnít like garrison duty.

Family:   I married Karen in 1974 and we have 3 boys (27, 19 and 16) and a daughter in law.  The boys are athletes and much of our time involves swimming, lacrosse, track and football.  The two youngest boys are also adept at some acrobatic flying.

Hobbies:  I enjoy flying and have a partnership in an RV-8 sports plane that can go straight up twisting like a corkscrew.    Golf?  I hope to break 100 one day.


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