Allan Nelson - Supply Clerk  

Top Tiger  


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Arrived in unit:  Nov.  1965  Pvt.  Private fresh out of Basic.

Departed unit:   Nov.  1966   Sp-4

Duties in unit:   Supply Clerk, Part-time gunner

Other Assignments:   Basic at Ft. Gordon, GA; Sept. 1965 - Ft. Benning, GA; Dec 1966 Cadre at Ft. Eustis for Stevedore school.

Training:   Supply Clerk, Ft. Benning

DOS Army:   June 15, , 1967,  Sp-4


Current Residence:   Staten Island, New York

Occupation:   I work for Sungard Brokerage Services .

Family:   Wife Chickie, 4 sons, 1 grandson, 6 granddaughters.

Hobbies:   Camping with my sons.


Email:   last update Sept.  2005


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