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George D. Ragan 
391st Team Leader / CE -  Top Tiger







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Arrived in unit:   July  1966 PFC

Departed unit:    July  1967 - Sp-5

Duties in unit:    391st Maint Team Leader - CE Top Tiger Tail

Other Assignments:   Ft. Benning(basic training), Ft. Eustis( helicopter repair training, MOS-67-N20), Bien Hoa RVN.
First assignment was to AHC 71st Rattlers for 3 mos. Re-assigned to 391st/68thAHC Bien Hoa. Hunter Army
Airfield Jan 68 . Assigned to "H" Co aircraft maintenance.

Training:    67N20 Ft Eustis, VA

DOS Army:  Honorable discharge Oct 68 - Sp-5


Current Residence:   Hayesville, NC

Occupation:   I am a retired service tech instructor for Mercury Marine.(27 years) Prior to that, I worked for Lockheed Aircraft in Marietta, Ga

Family:   I have been married for almost 44 years to my wife Wanda who retired from General Motors(34 years) as an accountant and have one daughter(38) and two grandsons (11) and (7).

I'm a car nut and love to go to airshows when I can. I have dibbled in golf some(I suck) My wife and I are active in our church and we support our local theater(Peacock Playhouse). We also support our daughters dance studio (Stardance Performing Arts) I have restored, from ground up, a 64'Ford Galaxie . It is a replica of my first new car and is closely built as it was in 68'. This time , I used a stroked 390 (445 cu. in.) instead of a 428. I ended up with way too much money in her, but what the heck, I felt like I deserved it.

Remarks:   I'm glad I found this site. Brings back tons of memories. I'm anxious to join and make the 2014 reunion in Charleston, S.C. I recognize some folks from the old pics, but look at us now LOL,LOL! I have some pics that I would like to have posted, but I'm a computer dunce. Maybe I could send them to some one and have them posted. I was dunfounded when I saw that the 12'reunion was in Marietta,Ga as I'm only about 2and a half hours away. By the way, I grew up in Ga and I'll be a "Cracker, and BullDog fan" forever. LOL! Looking forward to future contacts with the best people a person(soldier) could have.


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