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Arrived in unit:  27 July 1967 - PFC

Departed unit:   26 July 1968 - Sp-5

Duties in unit:  Night Maintenance, 2nd Lift Crew chief, Mustang Crew chief

Other Assignments:  Ft. Dix, Ft. Rucker, Ft. Eustis, Viet Nam, Ft. Carson

Training:  67N20 Huey maintenance school at Ft Rucker,  Al.

DOS Army:  May 1969


Current Residence:  Norwich, Connecticut

Occupation:  Carpenter, Firefighter, retired as a Deputy Chief after 24 years of service.  Salt Water Fly fishing Guide

Family:  Two grown children Amy and Brian. Married to Gail since 1997.

Hobbies:  Fishing

Remarks:  Some of my most memorable moments in VN occurred when WO Dave Holloway would allow me to fly the ship home after a mission.  Eventually, when Dave gave Doug Gooch his check ride to become an AC he jokingly told Doug that he would qualify him if he could fly as well as his crew chief.  I look forward to seeing both at the re-union.

Email:     last update May 2004

Note from the web master:  Although not mentioned in his bio Sp-5 Ralph "Sandy" Noyes was awarded the DFC for his actions as a Mustang crew chief.  He is one of a very few enlisted air crew to receive this special award for heroism.

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