Robert Sanfillipo  

Maintenance Mechanic - Top Tiger







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Arrived in unit:  June 5, 1968 - Sp-4

Departed unit:   June 5, 1969 - Sp-4  

Duties in unit:  391st Maintenance Mechanic (67N20)

Other Assignments:
  Maintenance (hanger), engine shop, senior mechanic. Flew Tiger Tail a few times to solve problems in the field. 
My promotion to Sp-5 was vetoed due to having “pegged” fatigues.  Basic at Ft. Ord, CA.  After VN, I had too much time left to take advantage of extending, so it was back to Ft. Eustis to be a turbine engine instructor. In April of 1970 I was transferred to a Tank Company (I know, weird) at Ft. Mead, Maryland.

Training:   67N20, Single Rotor Helicopter Maintenance School Ft Eustis.

DOS Army:   September 1970   (2.5 months early)  Sp-4



Current Residence:   Orange, California

Occupation:  I had my own manufacturing company for years.  I sold it and earned an MBA from the University of La Verne. Then I earned a teaching credential and this fall I will teach Middle School English and Math.

Family:  I’m married and have a son, born in 1973, one daughter born in 1992 and a second in 1994.

Golf, computers, reading.

Remarks:  I remember a Mr. Barton as the pilot; he always had his hands in his pockets playing with something, like Humphrey Bogart in The Caine Mutiny. I finished up in engine shop, it was great (especially night duty).  I would not trade my year in Vietnam for anything. It was the best of times and the worst of times.

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