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Arrived in unit:   Mar. 1968  PFC

Departed unit:    Mar. 1969  Sp-4

Duties in unit:   Gunner

Other Assignments:  Basic at Ft. Ord, Aug. 1966.  AIT at Ft. Gordon.  Jump School at Ft. Benning.  First tour of Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne, Mar. 1967 to Mar. 1968.  Extended my tour a year as a helicopter gunner in exchange for a 6-month early out.

Training:   11B2P, Infantry

DOS Army:   Mar. 1969



Current Residence:   Smartville, California

Occupation:   Truck driver

Family:   Wife: Katy, Sons: Travers, Joshua, Jarred, Daughter: Kelly, Eight grand children

Hobbies:   Grandkids, my Harley, tending to the three acres around my house.

Remarks:   I consider my two tours of Vietnam an adventure.  One that I think of every single day.

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Note from Frans “Van” VandenBroek :   Here’s how I described Jerry Schwarz in a letter dated Jan 26, 1969. The letter was to my girlfriend:

“I have a new ship and hope to have better luck with it than John (Greene) and Chuck (Lehman) did.  My gunner is Jerry Schwarz.  He’s a good man and likes to give me the better gun ‘cause he can unjam the one he has faster than I can. Experience.”

A good man indeed. 

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