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Arrived in unit:   Apr. 1968 - CPT

Departed unit:    Sept. 1968 - CPT

Duties in unit:  Gun platoon leader, Mustang 6; Operations officer, Top Tiger 3

Other Assignments:  Prior to arriving at the 68th, spent five months with the 334th AHC.  Basic & AIT, Ft Benning;  Flight School, Ft Wolters & Rucker;  first VN Tour, 1965-66, 120th AHC, Pilot & IP;  third VN Tour, 1971–72, CO, 334th AHC and  Sec. of Gen. staff, 1st Avn. Brigade.

Training:  Infantry Officer, Ft Benning;  Army Aviator, Ft Rucker.  Instrument School Ft. Rucker; Germany 2/9 Cav 24th ID; Infantry Career course, Ft Benning; Asst G3, Ft. Wolters; 82nd Abn. Div., Adj. for 2nd Bde.; Div. Avn. Officer, Armed Forces Staff College; TAC Officer at U.S.A.F. Academy; XO , US Army  Organizational Effectiveness Center & School

Retired Army:  LTC   Oct. 1982  ( 20 years service )



Current Residence:  Salinas, California

Occupation:  Lockheed Martin (17 years).  Responsible Engineer for Air Elevator Support Trailer, MX Missile.  Trained astronauts for deploying and servicing Hubble Telescope.  Three-time recipient of NASA’s and Lockheed Martin’s highest performance award.

Family:  Wife: Linda,  Sons: Ron T and Michael, Daughter: Sharon.  All are college grads and married.  One grandson.

Hobbies:  Hunting, fishing, shooting, hiking, outdoors, scuba diving.

Remarks:  Every time Linda and I had a kid, I was sent back to VN.  Three kids, three tours.  We stopped having kids and the war ended, but not before I was able to bring Linda to VN and fly her around.  My most memorable moment with the 68th occurred after my first mission as Mustang 6.  The crew chiefs and gunners told me how glad they were I was there.


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