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Robert Wayne Sherman - 1st Sgt. 

Top Tiger




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Arrived in unit:   June 1968 – 1st Sgt.

Departed unit:    June 1969 - 1st Sgt.

Duties in unit:   P1st Sgt.

Other Assignments:   Basic, 1951, Scofield barracks.   Korea , 1951, Chosin Reservoir, L Company, 34th Infantry Regiment.  Ft Rucker, 1957, AC mechanic, 0H-13, CH-34/36, L-19/20. Germany , 1957-62, Karlsruhe . Fort Rucker , 1962, Department of Maintenance Training, TI at Hanchey field. Vietnam , 1964-65 (first tour), platoon sergeant/crew chief on B model Huey's at Tan Son Nhut.  Vertol factory, 1965, trained on CH47s.   Vietnam , 1968-69 (2nd tour), 1SGT, 68th AHC. Ft Rucker, 1969, 1SGT of units including Airfield Company, 61st WOC.

Training: see above  

DOS Army:  Retired 1stSgt. April 30, 1971


Current Residence:   Lineville, AL

Occupation:   Diesel mechanic, body & fender shop in the 70’s.  Off shore diesel mechanic on a derrick barge, 70’s and early 80’s. A&P license in the 1980s at Embry Riddle; taught AC maintenance to Saudi Arabia National Guard; crew chief for CH-46 fire fighting for 5 years. Workstation controller with the Battle Command Training Program for 7 years conducting simulation exercises at Ft Leavenworth, KS. Hanchey Field, Ft Rucker, 1998 to 2005, TI on Apache Long Bows. Permanent retirement in 2005.

Family:  Family: wife Lucille (ex PFC, Woman's Army Corps), sons Michael (Citadel, 1976), Robert (Enlisted, USAF), Patrick (West Point, 1979; retired COL, Aviation Branch,  received wings at Fort Rucker, 1980 from General Carl McNair, 145th AVN Battalion Commander, 1968-69)  Five grand children, 6 great-grand children.

Hobbies:  Hobbies: musician, guitar and bass, had family band.  Fishing and hunting.

Remarks:  From son Michael: “My dad often recounted that his second tour in Vietnam was the toughest combat tour he served due to the Tet Offensive while at Bien Hoa.  He remarked that some of the troops he had as shotgun riders were as much trouble as the VC.”

Deceased: Nov 14, 2007, Lineville AL at age 74. Interred at Arlington National Cemetery , section 28, grave 3469.

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