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Arrived in unit:  Dec. 1967  - WO

Departed unit:   Feb. 1968  - WO   (Wounded during Tet Offensive)

Duties in unit:  Mustang Pilot

Other Assignments:  In the 335th AHC before being assigned to the 68th as a gun ship pilot.

Training:  I enlisted out of high school in August 1965 and trained as a finance specialist.  I worked at Ft. Ben Harrison in personnel for a year.  I graduated from WORWAC 67-11 and was assigned to the 173rd ABN BDG/335th AHC in Dak To.  I flew D and H models on Combat Assaults and Long Range Recon Patrol (LRRP) missions.  After being wounded in the February 1968 Tet attacks, I was medevaced to Walter Reed hospital. 

Training:  Rotary Wing pilot, Ft. Rucker

DOS Army:  January 1969    CW2 USA DAVPRM



Current Residence:   Deming, New Mexico 

Occupation:   I have a BS degree from Metro State (Denver, CO) in Aviation MGT and ATP's and am a CFI/I' in rotorcraft and SMEL.  I worked as a stockbroker and as a consultant until I retired in 1991. 

Family:   Divorced

Hobbies:   Fishing, Travel, & coin collecting 

Remarks:  I searched for years at VHPA and veterans’ reunions for unit members without much success until the 2002 68th gathering in Pensacola ... it was great to be with some of the finest men I had the privilege to proudly serve with... I look forward to sharing more time with the “guys” at future reunions. 

Email:    elsitzer@gmail.com       last update Nov 2007

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