R. J. Smith -  Pilot  

Top Tiger & Mustang  


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Arrived in unit:   01, Jan. 1970, WO-1 

Departed unit:    11 Dec. 1970, CWO-2  

Duties in unit:  Pilot,  Ammo Officer

Other Assignments:  Basic Ft. Polk;  Primary Ft. Wolters; Secondary Ft. Rucker; 

Training:   Pilot 

Retired Army:   13 Dec. 1970



Current Residence:   Tendoy, Idaho

Occupation:   I owned and operated a cattle ranch until 2001.  We are selling the property except for 80 acres where we will retire.  In 2003 I became the county assessor for Lemhi Co. ID.

Family:  I married Grace Strand in 1973 and we have one daughter.  She is graduating from the University of Montana this spring.  

Hobbies:  Hunting and competition shooting.

Remarks:  I was the AC on 696, a Charlie model UH1 gunship.  Ken Dowden was the crew chief and Rich Krill the gunner.  Some of my most vivid moments are of the time I spent in Viet Nam.

Email:   horsecents@centurytel.net     last update Feb 2007

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