David A. Stanley  -  Gunner

Top Tiger 









Arrived in unit:    Jan. 1968 -  Sp-4

Departed unit:     June 1968  -  Sp-4

Duties in unit:   Gunner Slicks

Other Assignments:  

Training:  Basic Ft. Ord - 21 June 1966

Left the Army:   1968  Sp-4



Current Residence:   Bakersfield, California

Occupation:   Retired Electrician

Family:  Wife and two children, a grandson 8 and a granddaughter 6.

Hobbies:  I like to do it all, golf, hunt, fish, but mainly now I mess around with the computer.

Remarks:  I am very excited about finding this website, the wife and I will be at the reunion in Sept in Las Vegas.  I hope to see some of my friends from the good old days there.

Email:  dastn428@bak.rr.comcom   Last update June 2006

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