Michael D. Strauss  -  Gunner

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Arrived in unit:    July  1967  -  Sp-4

Departed unit:     July  1968  -  Sp-4

Duties in unit:  Gunner

Other Assignments:   I Arrived in Vietnam  in Oct 1966 and was assigned to the Comm. section of the 525 Military Intelligence Bn. in a place called The Plum Farm near War Zone D.  I spent 9 months there, then put in a 1049 to be a doorgunner.  I came to the 68th in July 1967 and was assigned to the 4th platoon (lift) and loved flying.  My AC was the senior Warrant Officer and he would do all orientation flights of pilots new to the unit.  If anyone remembers when the slick melted on the flight line, yours truly was the doorgunner on that one.

Basic training and AIT at Fort Leonard Wood MO.  After leaving the 68th, I went to Fort Sill Oklahoma for 9 months.  I got tired of that, so put a 1049 in to go back to Viet Nam .  I was assigned to the 5th Cav. Stationed at Fire Support Base Dolly somewhere in the Central Highlands.  I spent about 6 weeks doing that, and then was sent to Phuc Vien for 3 weeks prior to DROS.  I became a civilian again after 4 years of service.

Training:  36K20  - Wireman

ETS:   Sept 1969   E-5



Current Residence:   Salida , Colorado

Occupation:  The past 7 years I have been a Personal Care Assistant Provider.




Email:  eoils@chaffeeco.net

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