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Arrived in unit:   01, Sep. 1967, WO-1

Departed unit:    26 Aug. 1968, CWO-2

Duties in unit:  Pilot; 1st Lift platoon, Fire team leader; Mustang Gun Platoon (Mustang 11).

Other Assignments:  BCT Ft. Polk, LA; WORWAC 67-9/11, Ft. Wolters, TX; Ft. Rucker, AL: 68th AHC; 24 Engineer Grp. Avn Det, Sembach, FRG; second Vietnam tour with the 478th Avn Co (HH) 101st Abn Div; 335th Avn Co (HH), Ft. Eustis, VA; 126 Trans Det, Ft. Eustis, C Co. 503rd CAB; 3rd Armored Div, 4th Trans. Bde, Ft. Eustis; HQ, Army Materiel Cmd.

Training:   RW pilot, Ft. Rucker; Heavy helicopter pilot and instructor pilot; Operations Officer.

Retired Army:   1 Feb 1990,  LTC.



Current Residence:   Deltaville, Virginia

Occupation:   EMS Helicopter Pilot

Family:  Daughter Susan living in Salem, VA

Hobbies:  Sailing; Tennis, Skiing

Remarks:  The phrase “best and brightest” popularized to describe the men of President John Kennedy’s cabinet only causes me to remember the men of the 68th AHC, particularly those of our Mustang gun platoon.  The courage and tireless dedication to our cause exhibited by the members of this platoon is a source of never ending pride to me.

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Note from Frans “Van” VandenBroek, co-webmaster.

Ed Strazzini was my first AC when I joined the Mustangs in June 1968.  Since I was new and he was getting short, he was initially uncomfortable with the arrangement.  So he told me to do exactly as he instructed during our missions together and he would get me back alive.  He kept his promise.  For that, my wife, my kids and I will always be grateful.

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