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Looking for a member of the 68th AHC or one of its detachments:

68th AHC Flight Crew, Motor Pool, Administrative Support, 391st Maintenance Det., 282nd Signal Det., 430th Medical Det.

Stationed at Vung Tau 1965/66 or Bien Hoa 1966/70.  List the unit members name below with as much of the information as possible. 
The more blanks you can fill in the easier it will be to try and find them.

Critical Search Information includes:   Full Name, Time in unit (year's), Rank in unit, Duties, State of Residence.

Helpful information:  Nickname, dates in unit (month/year), duties or detachment, where they went to school.

We are looking for the below listed people
To request a name be added to this list fill out the Internet form provided by clicking this line:

Last Name First Name MI Nickname Dates in Unit Rank Duties Home State/City Remarks
 Arebalo  George  L.    10/67  to  10/68 Sp-5  
 Crew Chief A/C 812
 Texas  Last know address 2005
 Contact Jim Bohon if you have any information on George
 Jeziorski  Joseph  P.  Joe  1967 - 68  Sp-4  391st Maint Mechanic  New York     - found - in Mississippi
 Lemmond  Steve  ?  the Worm  1969  Sp-5  Crew Chief  Texas  
 Holder  Willie  R    1968 - 69  Sp-5 Crew Chief Oakland, Calif.   Last Known Address and phone #  -  in 2005
3775 Herman Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104 - 619-546-8409
 Seavenes (father), Marie (mother), Seavenes Jr. (brother)
 HALL  Timothy     1968 - 69    Slick Pilot AUGUSTA
 Jack Turberville is searching for him
 Ken     Jan 1970 -Dec1970 Sp-5      No other information  - RJ Smith is searching for him
 Richard     Jan 1970 -Dec1970 Sp-5  Gunner   No other information  - RJ Smith is searching for him

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