List of All Purses for Sale   (by size)


List of All Purses for Sale   (by size)



WP -  Wooden Box      - next letter is color    - - -    R - Red in color         B - Black         Br - Brown         W - White         O - Orange         Y - Yellow         B - Blue         G - Green         Oth - Other -   

Last letter is the size of the box (large or small) in relative size          L - Large Box       S - Small Box      demit ions are listed    

P - Paper covered         I make few purses out of wooden boxes covered with paper because they do not hold up in weather - most internet purse boxes are paper covered boxes and do not last.  Iif one of my boxes
    is paper covered, I use a  ( P - Paper covered ) in the Item Number to indicate so...  I do not recommend Paper boxes to my friends even if coated by Polyurethane as are most of my wooden boxes . 
    Buy a cheap $12 purse that does not say handmade of wood and see what I mean...  the moisture attacks it..        

Item Number  

Maker of Cigar


Photo Size Cost to me
 WP_H_R_L_001   Yes     Yes
WP_H_R_S_001   Yes      
WP_H_R_O_001   Yes      




if you have a question contact  Dave Green at  ddgreenn@yahoo,com