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          Paul Jewell Hill
Wall Placement:     

panel   59E   line   4

The Vietnam Memorial

WO Paul Hill  -  March 1968



Etching made Oct. 2003

Click on photo page to view a large image and printable copy of this etching.



Date of Birth:   Feb 18, 1944  -  24  years old 

Hometown:   Circleville, Ohio

Rank:   WO - W1   Army Reserve

Assignment:   Pilot  68th AHC

Date Tour Began:   Aug 27, 1967

Date of Casualty:   May 12, 1968

Place:   Long An, RVN

Length of Service:   2 years

Religion:   Protestant

Event:   Air Loss - Crash - Hostile Action

                  UH-1D  # 612 

Family:   Married

Special Notes:  Click on the blue print below to visit Paul's photo page.

   Paul Hill  - Photo Page


Click on Paul Hill's photo page to download a
 rubbing of Paul Hills name done in Oct. 2003.

"The Linda K"  helo 66-16860
The Co Webmaster of this site Sp-5 David Green was the crew chief on WO Paul Hill's primary helicopter from Feb. 1968 - July 1968.  When I was assigned as the crew chief of helicopter 66-16860 I was told the helicopter was mine, mine to maintain and keep flying.   I was also told I could name the ship, whatever I wished within reason,  an Army tradition, the helo was mine, not the pilots.  I met my primary pilot that afternoon, Aircraft Commander WO Paul Hill.  A very nice and likeable warrant officer who I grew to admire and respect as an outstanding person, pilot, and officer.  I did not have a name in mind for the ship and WO Hill ask if I did not mind, he would like to name it after his wife, Linda K. Hill.  I had no problem with that and on my second day as crew chief of 66-16860 we put the name The Linda K on the pilot doors after the days mission.  The name remained on both doors after his tragic accident on May 12, as a point of respect.  When I left the unit in late July 1968 the name was still on the doors of the helicopter.  I learned 36 years later the aircraft was destroyed in an LZ just 20 days after I left the unit, I understand the doors still had the name "The Linda K" on them when it was destroyed by an enemy RPG rocket round on Aug. 18, 1968.   To view the accident report of the rocket incident click on  66-16860

The Place Card below comes from last year's VHPA reunion banquet where it was one of more than 2000 similar cards which served as place markers for each diner.  Each year at this banquet a place of honor is set which is made up of a small table set with a single chair, white table cloth  and a place setting for one.  Before those in attendance begin their dinner the host calls them to their feet and explains the symbolism of this setting.  The "In Remembrance" words are read aloud and all raise their glasses to toast the "missing man" whose name they can read off their place card.

The place card was sent to us by Paul's squadron mate WO Ed Strazzini.



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