In memory of our unit members who gave everything
Gone but not Forgotten   

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial 


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If you have a photo or any information on a unit member who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, we ask your help with this section.  We would like to have photos of all of our fallen members, and ask for your help in
remembering our heroes.  If you notice any errors or omissions please contact the web master of this site for corrections and updates.

Click on a unit members name to read their biography.  Click on the camera next to their name or on their biography page to view photos of the member and etchings make at the memorial.  

   The camera image takes you to the members photo page where there is an etching of the members name made at the memorial in 2005.  Some of the members have photos contributed by family or fellow unit members. 
 If you have a photo of any member below please contact the webmaster, we would like to place it on the site.

                     1966 - 1967 
   Dillon, David A.    Sp-4    7-20-66        _3_ photos available
   Kinkeade, Ronald  J.    CWO   7-20-66        _7_ photos available
   Lambdin, Daniel  A.    CWO    7-20-66      _20_ photos available for viewing
   Tate Jr., Walter R.    Sp-4    7-20-66        _2_ photos available
   Richard G. Kitner  PFC  8-01-66       
   Abel, Charles S.    CPT    9-13-66      
   Bertsch, Kenneth R.    Sp-4    9-13-66      
   Higgins, Edwin R.    WO    9-13-66      

                        1967 - 1968    

   Sheffield, John N.    Sp-4    3-19-67      
   Barton, James Paul    WO    3-19 67       _12_ photos available
   Washburn, Johnny L.    Sp-4    3-19-67      
   Smith, Gilbert N.    Sp-4    3-19-67      
   Marlow, John P.    WO    7-08 67         _3_ photos available


                    1968 - 1969  
   Babin, Jr., Thomas D.    1LT    1-04-68          _3_ photos available
   Lakin, Richard D.    Sp-5    1-09-68     _5_  photo available
   Hill, Paul J.    WO    5-12-68        _21_ photos available
   Van Allen, Charles C.    WO    5-16-68            _3_ photos available
   Herring, Brady W.    Sp-4    9-16-68       
   Partridge, Norman W.    WO    9-16-68       
   Summerfield, Samuel R.    PFC    9-16-68       


                    1969 - 1970   
   Baca, Richard D.    Sgt    6-19-69       _4_ photos available
   Haukeness Jr., Glenn S.    CWO    6-19-69   _30_ photos available
   Rouchon, Alan M.    Sp-4    6-19-69       
   Williams, Robert A.    CWO    6-19-69        
   Garrison, Noel K.    WO    7-17-69     _6_ photos available
   Romero, Charles A.    Sp-5    9-05-69        _4_ photos available
   Hickman, David A.    CWO    12-04-69       _4_ photos available
   Velez-Hernandez, Joseph A.     Sp-5    12-04-69        _5_ photos available
   Royston, Roy L.    Sgt    12-16-69        _4_ photos available


                    1970 -1971   The unit was deactivated on 31 Dec. 1970 - the ARVN Air Force took over the unit at that time
   Kerr, Robert W.    Sp-4    10-02-70        _13_ photos available
   Titus, Karl W.    Sp-4    10-02-70        _7_ photos available
   Warnick, Michael G..    Sp-4    10-02-70      


This page does not list military men or women who were KIA while flying in 68th Helicopters and were not members of the Unit
To see this information visit the accident reports of helicopters in the unit that were lost  -  Unit Helicopters on the main menu page


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Blank piece of US Park Service Paper provided by Park Rangers at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  The paper measures 11"x4".

Click here to see photographs of the
Vietnam Veterans Memorial 

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Back side of showing panels with dates.

To make the best rubbings take a special graphite pencil with you.


Additional Links to The Wall

 The Wall - USA  look up names and research information about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  View remembrances left for fallen members.
 The Virtual Wall  look at entire panels and look up names and remembrances left by friends and family members.


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