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68th  68th AHC Mustang - photos of the Gun Platoon  -  750+ photos in this section
68th  68th AHC Top Tiger - photos of the Slick Platoons -  500+ photos in this section
68th  68th AHC Top Tiger Tail - photos of the maintenance ship  & nose art
68th  282nd Signal Detachment - photos of the avionics guys
68th  391st Maintenance Detachment - photos of the hanger and men 
68th  430th Medical Detachment - photos of the medics
145th  Link to the  145th CAB  "Old Warrior" site by our own Jim Bodkin
*  Electronic Submission of Biography Page - click fill out form and click on submit to send
*  Electronic Submission of Reunion Intention Page - click fill out form and click on submit to send
A  Association - The 68th AHC Association, Inc.
   Awards this site has won - go to the bottom of the main "home" page - awards won in the first year - we no longer post awards won or received
    Photo of the different Medals & Awards won by 68th Members
    Description of the Medals and Awards above
B  Base - photos  
   Bien Hoa - photos
  Biography Page - Page with unit members 
    -- Biography Form the outline to submit your bio by mail - to submit your bio via the Internet click here Electronic Submission of Biography Page
C Chain of Command  1967
  Chain of Command  1968
   Challenge Coin - How to get your 68th AHC Challenge Coin and Hat Pin
    Contribute to this site - how to contribute to the site
     -- Contribute you Biography to the site
     -- Contributions - Photos may be edited when necessary - see some editing I have done
   Countryside - photos of Vietnam  -  100+ photos in this section
   C-Rations - What was in those boxes
F   Facts about the Vietnam Conflict - lots of figures and charts    Three (3) Pages    Page 01      Page 02       Page 03
    FAQ's - Frequently Ask Questions -    How - Why - Can I - questions answered
    Website FAQ's - facts and numbers about the website
H   Hats - need a 68th AHC Hat or Mustang Scarf - click here to see how 
   Hawk Magazine Repository - copies of all issues of the 1st Avn Big magazine 1967-1972
    High Flight - poem  - by pilot office John Gillespie Jr., R.C.A.F .
I  Individual Awards - list of unit members and the decorations they earned
   In Memory - list of the 68th AHC men who died in Vietnam - photos when available 
L  Lessons of a Vietnam Helicopter Crewman
   Links to other Vietnam websites that may be of interest to you
   List of Unit Members who have contributed photos to the site.   by year served & alphabetically
   List of Unit Members who served in the unit - over 1000 names
   List of unit members by city & state- ones that we have information on
   Low Flight - poem
M   Map of unit members on the website unit member list
    GR Webster's Map of Unit Members --contact GR to get on the map
   Maps of Vietnam - maps and links to map pages
   Message Board - live communication link  - sponsored by Capt. GR Webster - click continue at bottom of this link for  the site
   Military Quotes - quotes from historical leaders
   MOS - Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) during the Vietnam War - click to view a list of all MOS.
   Music - list of top 20 songs by year   1959--1972
   Music - 70+ Songs on the 68th site provided by YouTube
   Music Live - music link to songs of the Vietnam era - need speakers
P  Photo of the Month  - Photos - highlight photo on this site, new each month
   Privacy Statement - website statement on privacy information
R  Reunions - Past and Planned-  Information and over 130 Photos
      - - Sept. 2010 Orlando FL   Reunion Information Pg.                   Register for the Reunion
      ---  Sept. 2006  Las Vegas  Photos
      ---  2006 Las Vegas Reunion -Photo Pages - 01 - 06 -
      ---  2004 Nashville Reunion - Photos - Pg 1 
       --- 2002 Pensacola Reunion - Photos  
   Rocket Attacks - information on rocket attacks at Bien Hoa - links list chart                file starts on page 172 - 207
   Roll Call - List of names of all unit members known to be in the unit
S  Souvenirs & Trophies  - Photos  - bring home items and collectables
   Stories about the 68th -  stories about the men and the unit
      -- 21 Stories about a Gun Ship Pilot in Vietnam - by Kathy Hufford
      -- 6 funny stories about  one pilots adventures in the Army - by Ron Sheffield
T  Tiger Fund - what is the Tiger Fund - what does it do
U  Unit Citations & Awards - list of awards earned - by detachment
   Unit History & Reports  over 100 pages of history 
   Unit Helicopters - list of ships assigned to the 68th AHC find your ship
   Unit Patches - Photos  - Patches of the 68th and other 145th units
   Unit Personnel - a list of biographies of unit members -  photos of members back then and now
   Unit Roster - partial unit roster from 1967 - does not list detachment personnel
   USO Shows  -  Celebrities who visited Vietnam
V Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Photo Page
  VHPA of Florida Museum - Photo Page
  VA Information - information on VA concerns
  VA Links and Information - large (Long) list of VA Sources
     -- VA Information on Agent Orange Links on Goggle

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