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Questions you may have about the website

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All images remain the personal property of this site and the contributor of the photo. You may download them for your personal use but they may not be published or used on any other site without written permission from the webmaster and the contributor.

   Why does it take so long to view photos on the website?
   I can't view a full page on the website.  Why do I have to use the arrows at the bottom of the page to see the right side of the page?
   How large is the website?       How many photos are on the website?
   How do I submit my Vietnam photos to the website?
   How do I submit my biography to the website?


Why does it take so long to view photos on the website?

Many websites have photos listed in low resolution for fast loading and viewing.  This website has most of the photos shown as thumbnails grouped on pages listed by the unit member who contributed the photo.   Thumbnails are  (small low resolution images of a bigger photo)  and allow you to look at groups of photos quickly.   When you click on a thumbnail it will show that photo in a high resolution format.  The photos show detail and allow you view them more clearly.  You may download any photo and have a photo reproduced for you personal collection.  You may not trade, exchange, sell, edit, publish, or put the photos on any other website or in or on any publication.  The photos are the property of the unit member who's name is on the photo and permission must be granted by the owner for any other use other than that stated above.  You may download photos and have copies of the photo for your own use.  High resolution photos can be made into 3x5 inch, 4x6 inch, and 8x10 inch photos with good results.  Some photos (about 5%) were contributed in low resolution by the owner and will not always make a nice reproduction.
I can't view a full page on the website.  
Why do I have to use the arrows at the bottom of the page to see the right side of the page?

This website is designed to be viewed in 768x1024 screen resolution.  When viewed in this resolution all pages will fit on the screen as a full page width.  If you are using a lower resolution 600x800, the print appears larger for easier reading, but you may have to use the arrow buttons on the bottom and right side of the screen to view full pages.  To change you screen resolution go to  Control Panel and select Display.  There select Settings the far right tab.  On settings move the arrow or select 768x1024 and click on OK.  You may have to restart you computer for the effects to take place.  Some pages are several pages in length, this is done so you do not have to click on a second or third page to view the page, you can just scroll down using the mouse or down arrow.
How large is the 68th AHC website?

I have been told by several Internet sources that the 68th AHC website is one of the largest Vietnam Websites on the Internet.  To give you an idea of how large it is here a just a few details.  The site has over 2,500 photos, and if printed out on paper it world take over 1,400 pages of paper to print all the information held within the website.  click on the blue print to see the totals of website facts and numbers.
Click here on the blue print to view the website statistics.

Click here to see the number of pages in each section 


How do I submit my Vietnam photos to the website?

All of the photos on the website are in ( .jpg ) image format.  
All images are downloadable and can be saved to your computer, please read the above section on legal rights to photos. 

If you wish to have you photos on the website you can get them to me in two ways.
1.  Send them  to me in digital format (.jpg) flies by email or US Postal service.
2.  Send me the images (photos, slides, or negatives) and I can scan them for you.
      I have access to a professional scanner that will scan individual (photos, slides, or negatives).
      To view this equipment click here on the blue print.

Your original photos, slides, and negatives will be returned to you with a CD of all scans for you personal use.


I have photos / Slides / Negatives to contribute but they are old and/or  damaged.

I can edit any photo I scan or sent to me in high resolution (.jpg) format.  All photos color or black & white should be scanned in high resolution color format.  If scanned in color format they can be edited if in large enough resolution.  Occasionally we get photos sent to us that are in very low resolution and these can't be edited.  
To view some of the editing I have done click on this line in blue print.  


How do I submit by biography to the website?

To submit your biography to the website, simply click on the link below and fill in all spaces on the form.
When you have done this click on Submit at the bottom of the page.
Make sure you put you email address in the block provided, the form does not send it automatically.









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