Information on the Helicopters in the 68th AHC 

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Information on  helicopters assigned to the unit from 1966- 1972. 

Only helicopters damaged and repaired show on this list.

 We wish to thank the  VHPA for providing this information.  If you see an error please contact Gary, as listed below for corrections.


1. In this section we would like to have a photo of each of the ships listed above.  If you have a photo of a ship in the unit and know its Buro number, please submit it to this site page with a date and description and we will post it with your name and information.  











68th AHC Helicopters 1966-1971    <  Click here to see a list of the helicopter in the 68th AHC.

         Once the list is up, click on any Buro number to see the history of that helicopter.  

68th AHC Ships 1966 - 1971 involved in Incidents or Accidents (a summary by date of the info above).


Photos of the Units Helos    <  Photos of the units ships, search by Buro number.


 UH-1 Huey Helicopter Systems - photos and information on the UH-1 various models and there systems.



 Aircraft Bureau Numbers

Military aircraft have been assigned identification numbers since 1911.  In 1922 the system was standardized through the military.  Each serial number or Bureau Number (BuNos or Buro number) consisted of a base number corresponding to the last two digits of the Fiscal (FY) year in which money was used to manufacture the aircraft, and a sequence number indicating the sequential order in which the particular aircraft was ordered within that particular year.

 Following the splitoff of the USAF from the US Army; beginning in FY 1967, the Army began using serials beginning with 15000 for each FY, so Army aircraft could usually be distinguished from USAF aircraft by their high serial numbers.  In FY 1971, the Army went over to a new serial series, which started at 20000 and had continued consecutively since them.  This change lead to a lot of confusion.

In late 1940ís it was common practice to place the last 3 digits of the Buro number on the tail but in the 1960ís this was expanded to the last 4 or 5 numbers.  Sometimes the numbers were changed to place the second digit of the fiscal (FY) year as the first digit of the tail number.  This practice lead to a lot of confusion.

Example:  helicopter UH-1D  64-13526  could  have the following tail numbers.


Early 1960ís   tail #    3526
Mid  1960ís    tail #   13526
Late   1960ís   tail #   43526
Or       4526

 You say I can tell because of the year it was built, I flew an H model and they were not built until late 1967. 

UH-1D 64-13546 was built as a D model and went thorough rework and became an H model.