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2016 Reunion


  Dave Holloway and RJ Smith will be heading up the 2016 reunion, 
  which will be held in  
Boise, ID 8/18/16 to 8/21/16.    

2013 Newsletters

  Click here or on the left to view all Association Newsletters - # 11 is new - info on the visit to Ft Rucker and the use of the Mustang Logo to this date by the Gunship Training Unit

Reunion  History

History of past 68th AHC Reunions

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 The Officers and Board Members of the 68th Assault Helicopter Company Association, Inc.


 The 68th AHC Association Board members have elected to have association dues for all members.  The primary purposes of the dues are to keep the website up and running, buy new hardware for the website, to provide feed money for the reunion organizers, and to help reduce the costs of the reunions.

Any unit member planning to attend a 68th AHC Reunion must be a member of the 68th AHC Association

 List of Association Members and length of Membership     
If you believe your name should be on the list and it is not contact   Dave Holloway at 

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 The Bylaws are filled with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and will be available to view on the website soon.



 The movement of our organization from a group to and association is in work and will be available soon.



Add Your
to the Website

Send the website your biography, when you were in the unit and what you are doing now.  Simply click on the link below and fill in the blanks.  For information on what others said about themselves go the Members Biography page and view what your friends said.