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2012 Reunion

Dave Holloway will be heading the 2012 reunion. 
  It will be held
at  Atlanta/Marietta Hilton Hotel & Conference Center
date   9/20/12 (Thursday) to 9/23/12 (Sunday)

Association Newsletters

  News and Information about the reunion from the Association President  - Dave Holloway

    Newsletter  07  has updated info on the 2012 Reunion, Reunion Activities, Reunion Hotel, and Hotel Suite Auction

To Register

       Click here for Hotel information  - 
Contact the hotel at 1-888-685-2500 to make reservations.
  Be sure to mention you are with the 68th Assualt Helicopter Company or use the group code:    SEHC

  Registration  Fees

  Click here to view the        2012 Reunion   Registration & Saturday Night Dinner Fees

List of


  Click here to view a list of those who have already made hotel reservations for the 2012 Reunion.

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  Photos from past reunions        2010   --   2008   -- 2006   --    2004   --   2002   --   2000         

Register for

       Click on this link to register for the 2012 Reunion     



  The 68thAHC Association Officers and Board are the leaders of all 68th Reunions.  To view a list of the Association officers click on the blue print.    Blue

  Hotel Room
Suite Bid Info

   Hotel Room Auction Page - List of bidders - List of highest 3 bidders on the Association Suite

  Your Bid Email Must Include - This form is the form members will use to bid by email, it will come only to you as does the registration forms..


Local Events & Entertainment

      There are two outside events that are in the planning stages that we want to include in the registration process so we have an idea of
       how many people will likely be participating in those events.
      The first event is Huey Rides - Approximate cost is $45 per person for a 10 to 15 minute ride. This will take place at the
      American Aviation Heritage Foundation site located 20 miles south of Atlanta. Transportation to and from the site will be
      determined at a later date depending on the number of those wishing to participate.
      Right now this event is planned for Friday late morning with a rain date of Saturday morning.
      The second event is golf at the on-site golf course - Approximate cost is $40 per person.
      This event will take place on either Friday or Saturday, depending on the date for the Huey Rides.
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Add Your
to the Website

Send the website your biography, when you were in the unit and what you are doing now.  Simply click on the link below and fill in the blanks.  For information on what others said about themselves go the Members Biography page and view what your friends said.



  Photo Pages of the 2010 Reunion In Florida
Hospitality Suite - Display Room - Gala Dinner - Others

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 The Officers and Board Members of the 68th Assault Helicopter Company Association, Inc.


  The 68th AHC Association Board members have elected to have association dues for all members.  The primary purposes of the dues are to keep the website up and running, buy new hardware for the website, to provide feed money for the reunion organizers, and to help reduce the costs of the reunions.

Any unit member planning to attend a 68th AHC Reunion must be a member of the 68th AHC Association

 List of Association Members and length of Membership     
If you believe your name should be on the list and it is not contact  Ron Sheffield at 

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