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This area will have information from members about VA benefits, program updates, and things our members should know about their health benefits.

This information below is submitted by fellow unit members, their emails are listed if you have specific questions about the information provided.

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Agent Orange Information

III (3) Corps was the most heavily contaminated with Agent Orange in all of RVN. The adverse effects still linger in the country and in all of us that were there. The VA recognizes this and will provide screening and health care to all Vietnam vets.  Most prominent ailments are prostate cancer, non Hodgkin's lymphoma, diabetes, and the list goes on. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 5 years ago ( most easily cured when caught in early stage and most deadly if ignored).  Every one on this list should go to nearest VA hospital with a dd214 and request the Agent Orange screening.  I found the VA to be excellent and very much on top of the program.  A simple blood test along with a complete physical will be done immediately without charge.  If anyone has any questions regarding this matter please feel free to contact me via email or phone my cell (sent by email upon request).  I had surgery done at Walter Reed and VA does follow up every 3 months.  I also receive disability pay in addition to my retirement. Any questions, do NOT hesitate to contact me.

Chris Polanski
TigerTail 3

I did my screening a year ago and encourage everyone to get it done, why, read the items below, Dave Green.


For more information on Agent Orange go to Goggle's and type in Agent Orange or click on the words Agent Orange in blue print above.

Agent Orange Review  April 2005  Vol. 21, No. 2  Pamphlet on Agent Orange from the VA.    12 page pamphlet from the VA on the latest issues about Agent Orange.


For members of the military who served at Bien Hoa, you should read about the large spill of Agent Orange at Bien Hoa sometimes between 1968 and 1972.  Different news articles give different dates, when you go for your VA Agent Orange screening be sure to mention this incident.  To view information on this incident click on Goggle's  Agent Orange Spill Bien Hoa.  Click on the blue letters and read the articles, various articles give different dates.





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